Meet The Team

We know that it can sometimes feel stressful – it is your first massage, you have about a minute to meet your therapist and next thing you know, you are undressed covered by a sheet and a blanket waiting for your massage. Let us introduce our team to you so that you feel like you know us at least a little bit. We sure hope we get to know you soon!

Martina is a former professional basketball player with expert knowledge of the health, spa and wellness industry.

She is a licensed massage therapist, esthetician and nail technician with passion for understanding anatomy, biomechanics and real root causes of common ailments.. She believes that the body needs support and encouragement to perform at its best. Spa treatments such as regular massage or skin care can be very effective at improving ailments such a chronic back pain or acne. She loves to learn and teach the spa guests on how they can improve their health with small adjustments.

Martina and her husband have a 20-acre hobby farm where they grow most of their own food and try to keep their goats from eating it before they harvest it.

Felicia is a Graduate of East West College of Healing Arts. She is a compassionate and caring massage therapist, eager to empower and educate her clients, she is a mindful and communicative body worker. Felicia is dedicated to assisting her clients’ emotional and physical needs. She specializes in Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular (Trigger Point) Therapy, Swedish, Myofascial techniques and works under the principles of Structural Integration. She believes that no one should have to choose between a relaxing or therapeutic massage session and provides each client a tailored session to meet their individual needs.

Felicia was raised in the Columbia Gorge she enjoys many of the outdoor activities that it has to offer. In her free time she likes spending time with her family, gardening and working on her art.

Stacia has been licensed in Massage Therapy since 2003.  She also has a background in Physical Therapy, actively working as a physical therapy assistant several days per week and is an Essential Oils Educator.   In her free time, she enjoys travel, fly fishing, SUP, yoga, cooking, and receiving massage and spa treatments.  

Stacey’s passion for massage therapy and making a difference in helping people feel better began in 1999. She graduated from Oregon School of Massage and has eighteen years of experience in massage therapy and foot reflexology. During this time she has worked in several healthcare settings making her diverse in her treatment options and range of clientele served.

She has pursued continuing education to enhance her work in an array of manual therapies including relaxation massage, myofascial release, deep tissue work, trigger point therapy, prenatal massage, and reflexology. She likes to incorporate these different techniques to make for a relaxing, yet effective massage. She enjoys educating her clients on how massage affects overall body health and creates a healthy balance in our lives. Stacey’s other passions in life include raising her two boys, the adventures of being outdoors in the gorge, and spending time in her garden.

Heather received her skin care education at Spokane Community College. She has been a practicing esthetician since 2002. Heather is passionate about helping her you achieve glowing and vibrant skin while educating you about effective products and skin treatments.

In her free time, Heather enjoys paddle boarding, hiking, cooking and gardening.

Abby's love for bodywork began with her awareness of the profound connection of emotional relief, directly intertwined with physical relief she experienced from receiving massage herself. This was her inspiration to become a Massage Therapist. She sees our bodies as road maps of everything we have every lived through making bodywork so much more powerful than most people realize.

She has a strong background in deep tissue modalities and also deeply appreciates gentler techniques to calm the nervous system so that your body can actually let go. Her passion is to nurture and let your body guide her to the roots of your pain, imbalances and blockages. Abby grew up in Oregon and outside of bodywork, loves the mountains, hiking, camping and spending her time outdoors.

Katya is a professional makeup artist, hair stylist, and esthetician living in Hood River, Or. She was born and raised in Russia and has always had passion and aptitude for visual representations of elegance, style, and beauty. She chased her dreams of being a pro makeup artist and got trained at the prestigious Atelier International de Maquillage Paris. She has been in the United States for nearly ten years and has earned her license as an esthetician by the Oregon Board of Cosmetology. She continues her training and courses to keep up with the constantly changing world of beauty.  She believes in clear, eco-friendly beauty approach inspired by nature.

Debby has worked in the spa industry since 2002 as a licensed massage therapist. She loves seeing the instant results that body work brings to each client. Massage therapist has been a very rewarding career for Debby and she has made many wonderful friends along the way. It has allowed her the flexibility to still enjoy her three children while they were growing up and now her three grandchildren. She loves the outdoors -- hiking, gardening, biking and photography -- as time allows. We live in a very busy world. Massage brings a wonderful balance to the body and mind. Massage, when applied with knowledge, is an amazing tool that enables us to enjoy life more. Debby can’t wait to share her healing touch with you.

Kaitlin’s passionate curiosity for health, comfort, alignment and vibrancy came from living in various meditation centers in South East Asia and working as an organic farmer for many years. 

She has a background in therapeutic-based yoga and the sister science to yoga; Ayurveda, as well as, Thai massage and cupping therapy. Kaitlin’s strength is her holistic approach to health and listening to what each unique person’s needs are. 

Trail running, mountaineering, horse back riding, yoga, gardening and cuddling dogs are some of Kaitlin’s favorite activities outside of studying health and massage. 

Cristina is our front desk receptionist at Spa Remedease who loves providing our guests with the best spa experience from the moment they walk in the door. She has loved working in the hospitality and spa industry and it has really shown her how much she enjoys working with people and helping them through their journey of self-care. Working at Spa Remedease has also provided her with tools to help her along her own journey and self-care and self-love. When she isn't at work she enjoys reading at her favorite coffee shop, Ground in downtown Hood River, as well as learning more about astrology, energies, and the people around her. She is a strong believer in the idea that whatever you put out into the universe comes back to you, so she tries to project as much positive energy as she can. She loves hearing about other guests experiences and opinions as well as sharing her own. Have her help you create your ideal spa day or share with you her own spa experiences so that you can start your own self-care journey at Spa Remedease!