2 Bike Rentals and Tours in Hood River

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August 7, 2019
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In Oregon, bikes are more of a preference than cars and for Hood River, that’s actually a more convenient way to move around. The simple reason is that Hood River is quite hilly, so a light or electric bike should suffice as a means of transport more than anything else.

Getting the bike is one thing but knowing where to get it is just as important. Hood River has several bike rentals and tours, so we listed a few of them down below for you to go over. One-or all of them-is bound to catch your fancy.

  • Oregon E-Bikes

This is one of Hood River’s most notable electric bike shops. It offers both sales and rentals of bikes. Oregon E-Bikes was a business borne from a love of the outdoors and a desire to make the best electric bikes speeding over Hood River’s soils.

Booking a rental online is possible, and it’s a convenience many vacationers appreciate. You can also try a bike before you buy it, so you know if it conforms to what you seek. Plus, the shop is erected near different types of terrain that easily accommodate test rides: Hills, gravel and trails are excellent practice-grounds. You can find the shop at 207 Front Street, Hood River.

  • Mountain View Cycles

The most significant thing this shop has above others in Hood River is age. Mountain View Cycles is over 15 years old, and if its age can be used as a yardstick of efficient service, then it has very little to no competition in Hood River.

More than sales of bikes, there are mechanics in the shop that can service your bike should you ever need it. The aim is to deliver the best mountain and road biking experience and it the reviews left by happy customers are things to go by, suffice to say the shop has indeed delivered. You can find it at 205 Oak Street, Hood River

Words can do little justice in capturing the thrill of riding your bike all over Hood River’s many hills, but there’s something else in Hood River words can’t truly explain; a delightful experience that attracts city dwellers tourists alike.

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