3 Art Centers and Events to Visit in Hood River

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August 2, 2019
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When you hear people say Hood River is an art town, the phrase is more figurative than you think. Yes, there are museums with several galleries of unique and beautiful works of art, but that’s not the city’s only ‘artistic beauty’ so to speak.

With Mount Hood rising to the south and Mount Adams standing to the north, and both of them looking down on the Columbia River as it slithers in-between them, Hood River’s natural attractions morph the city itself into a giant piece of art.

Little wonder why artists and vacationers from near and far are attracted to it. The museums and natural landmarks make the city a great place for both art enthusiasts and sightseers alike. If you’re in Hood River for vacation, there are choice places you can visit to see the city’s beauty and appreciate the works of its talented individuals. A few of these places have been listed below.

  • Downtown Art

There are two art collectives at the central part of Hood River which display numerous paintings, metal works, pottery, textiles, photography, jewelry and of course, sculptures. Each piece is distinct from the other so its well-worth seeing everything if you can.

Likewise, the Columbia Center for the Arts, which is recognized for its exhibits, highlights the beauty and uniqueness of regional and local art; that’s a place worth visiting too. And if you want to try your hand at art, the center offers art classes for both children and adults.

  • Art Tours

Walk around Hood River on your own and you will see numerous and beautiful murals, many of them telling stories. But go on a guided tour like the ‘Big Art Walking Tour’ and you’ll see incredible sculptures that make the murals seem mediocre.

The aforementioned tour is over 2.65 miles long, but you won’t even realize when the tour’s over because you’ll be too engrossed with what you hear and see. To give you an idea of how great it is, the tour has now been recognized as one among the prestigious few in America’s top ‘40 most vibrant arts communities.’

  • Art Events

There are many art-related events held in Hood River but none draw in a large crowd like the ‘Hood River Valley Harvest Fest’. The event celebrates the creations of the local artists and also serves as a convergence point for artisans and artists around the entire region. The ‘Gorge Artists’ is a great event too but the former is a bigger one.

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