3 Handy Tips for Visiting Hood River’s Fruit Loop

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July 17, 2019
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The Fruit Loop is held every year in Hood River, a town surrounded by great forests and mountains. It’s quite surprising this event isn’t more popular than it is because it’s one of the most fun things to do during the summer in Hood River, Oregon. It’s essentially a collection of vineyards, farms, wineries, orchards, and more agricultural businesses

Since it does boast quite a large collection, how to make the most of your time at the Fruit Loop should be discussed. The activities to be enjoyed are many but if you want to make the most of them, take heed of these simple tips.

  • Dogs Are Not Allowed

Not just dogs; pets, in general, aren’t allowed at the Fruit Loop. You can bring your pet along, but you have to leave it in the vehicle. This is not a hard and fast rule because the members of Fruit Loop will be the ones to determine if pets are permitted on their property.

Most of these members are farm owners with their own farm animals, so they don’t usually allow foreign animals onto their farms and orchards.

  • So Many Events to Choose From

Yet again, this depends solely on the members of the events and their individual stands. They have the final say on which special events will be hosted at the Fruit Loop. Some of these events are even determined by the current season.

By the way, that can be a factor you might want to look into when deciding on which time of year to visit Hood River. For instance, Easter Egg Hunts are usually held during the early months of Spring while the majority of pear and apple events take place during fall.

  • So Much to Do, So Little Time

Don’t waste too much time on one event because covering the entire Fruit Loop won’t be an easy feat. You can do it all in 1 day, but you have to make judicious use of your time to be able to do that.

Take our advice and spread it out; take your time and enjoy everything the fruit loop has to offer. Staying in Hood River for several days means you get to explore the valley and the lovely picnic areas. Don’t forget that there are hiking trails too, and cozy lodgings for a nap whenever your body needs rest from having too much fun.

The lodgings are perfect for sleeping but wouldn’t it better to relax yourself and reduce any stiffness in your body before calling it a day?  It won’t bode well for you to end the day with tired bones and worn muscles, will it?

Spa Remedease is the perfect place to cleanse your body after the flurry of activity of the Fruit Loop. Whatever it takes to relieve you-whether a message, sauna or facial-Spa Remedease will handle it and deliver exactly what is needed. Give us a call or book an appointment with us.

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