How to Pack for a Hood River Getaway

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June 27, 2019
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Are you coming from Africa? Europe? Asia? It doesn’t matter because Hood River welcomes all. Hood River is one of Oregon’s favorite vacation spots for tourists, and you’ll know why as soon as you get here.

When getting ready for a trip to Hood River, Oregon, what is the first thing you do? You start packing, of course.

  • Packing Basics is the Way to Go

When it comes to clothes, don’t go about packing suits or outfits because that limits the variety of clothing you can take with you. Packing basics means you can switch up your clothing to suit any sort of event or activity.

More than that, you have more space in your luggage when you bring along basics. If you pack right, you could put everything into a carry-on and possibly forgo any luggage fees you would have otherwise paid.

  • It’s Better to Roll

Contrary to what you might think, it’s better to roll your clothes than it is to fold them. Why is the former a better idea, though? Simple: You’ll have more space in your luggage.

With the extra space, you can pack in a few more things that might not be essential but could still come in handy. ..like a rain coat.

  • Shoes, Begone!

This tip will hurt ladies more than men but it’s still a smart thing to do, and it’s very simple: Don’t bring an army of shoes; pack only a pair or two. The heaviest shoe should be what you wear on the plane. This way, you can circumvent the need to pack them in your bags.

As for the type of shoes, bring along something that can go well with anything you wear; multipurpose shoes, if you will.

  • The Need to Charge

Yes, Hood River has several shops where you can buy chargers for your mobile devices, but what’s the point of getting new ones when you have fully functional chargers at home?

You’ll need a portable charger for sure, especially if you plan on going hiking on some of Hood River’s many trails and mountains.

There is one place in Hood River where you won’t need to worry about shoes or chargers, though. It’s a little slice of heaven called Spa Remedease.

We are Hood River’s most most-visited and reputable spa. Your vacation won’t be complete without a visit to our famed rest and relaxation center. Come have all the jet lag and fatigue massaged out of your body.

Spa Remedease will welcome you to Oregon in the most pleasant of ways; so much so that you will be recommending us to all of your friends.

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