What is the Fruit Loop in Hood River, Oregon

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June 25, 2019
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Hood River in Oregon is without a doubt one of the most unique places you can spend your vacation at.

The natural attractions, the friendly people, the diverse activities, the hundreds of colorful fruits and food all bunch up to make Hood River somewhere truly special.

You’ll need to know your way around this place to make the most of your vacation. Below are tips to help you achieve exactly that.

  • The Locals Have a Wealth of Knowledge

It’s well known that the locals of Hood River are always eager to welcome visitors. There’s a strong sense of community among the people here.

You’re better of asking them about fun places to see and the best gear you should buy in shops or rentals with the best prices.

It’s arguable if any information you find online can really compare with what the people living here know, so try to acquaint yourself with Hood River’s locals as soon as you get here.

  • The Fruit Loops Has a Map

Know what the Fruit Loop is? It’s a collection of vineyards, farms, orchards, wineries and agricultural businesses that has probably attracted vacationers to Hood River more than anything else.

The size of Fruit Loops means you’ll probably need help in navigating around it, and that help comes in the form of a printed map.

The map is easy to read, so that’s a huge plus. It lists all the attractions and farms of the Hood River County Fruit Loop and shows their opening hours too.

You can easily get a copy at any Fruit Loop location or at the Hood River Visitor’s Center, located off Exit 63 on 1-84. A few restaurants also offer such maps.

  • Fruit Loop Members Can Pick You Up

That’s right, the many members of Fruit Loops can pick you up and take you to their farms, orchards, and more. Not all of them offer this service but many do. Refer to the Fruit Loops map to see pick-up locations or check on the Fruit Loops website.

Okay, quick question: Once you’re done with Fruit Loops, where to? The Waterfront Park? Mount Hood? Those are all great places but if you continue with all the jumping around, you’ll eventually burn yourself out, so relax before you go on another adventure, won’t you?

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