One of the Best Breweries and Dams to Visit in Hood River, Oregon

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June 21, 2019
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June 27, 2019

In Hood River, Oregon, there’s something for everyone. Be it the beautiful, vast landscapes or scenic waterfalls or the endless Columbia River, you can easily find something that endears itself to you.

Still, what if you’ve read and heard about all these wonderful places, but you’re unsure which of them demands your attention the most?

That’s where we come in. Listed out below for your viewing pleasure are some of Hood River’s best attractions. Each has something that makes it unique, so you know they will be well worth your time.

  • Bonneville Dam

Don’t be quick to write off a dam as nothing unique, because the Bonneville Dam definitely is. It uses the sheer power of the Columbia River to feed the entire surrounding area with electricity.

Of course, that’s not why you should go see it. Would you believe us if we told you the dam is also fishing ground for California sea lions?

Yep. These noisy, grey animals speed through the water hunting the many fish at the bottom of the dam every spawning season. Make sure your camera is with you when you head there because it’s a sight you’ll definitely want to capture.

  • Full Sail Brewery

Beer lovers, you’re in for a treat! The aptly-named Full Sail Brewery is the proud maker of many internationally-awarded beers in the United States of America.

This brewery was erected inside an ancient fruit cannery. It has some of the most interesting stories to ever come out of a brewery.

That seems odd, doesn’t it? A brewery that also entertains its visitors with stories? Well, we won’t say any more about that part. Why not go to the brewery and find out for yourself what it’s all about?

There’s a lot more for you to do, though. The tasting room is the perfect place to have a sip of the brewery’s famed beer. As if that’s not enough, you also get to admire and sigh at beautiful views of the setting sun over the Columbia River. Believe us, that’s satisfaction at its finest.

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