Must See Attractions While Visiting Hood River, Oregon

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June 19, 2019
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Hood River’s main attraction is obviously its vast and beautiful surrounding area. Hood River, Oregon, is all about the trees, flowers, and greenery. The natural attractions in this massive land deserve every praise it gets, but if you think that’s all it has to offer, you’ve got another thing coming.

There are attractions and places dotting Hood River that you should take time out and go see, regardless of how close or far apart they are from each other. In this city, even a simple drive can be a pleasant experience!

WAAAM (Western Antique Airplane and Automobile Museum). A museum that showcases antique aircraft and cars is not something you see every day, so make use of this opportunity to go see the WAAAM (Western Antique Airplane and Automobile Museum). Oh, and did we mention all the vehicles are still functional? Yep. Just because they’re old doesn’t mean they’re obsolete.

Initially, the over 130 automobiles were utilized for recreational purposes, and so were some of the smaller aircraft. But you can go marvel at all of them; then widen your eyes when you hear some are over 100 years old (many of the models were from 1900 to 1960s).

If you do decide to go to this museum, it’s best to do so on the second Saturday of each month because that’s when the hangar doors are opened and the vehicles kick into action: The planes fly high and the cars speed past.

Go there with your trusty camera and capture every moment. It will be something pretty exciting to show off back home.

  • Vista House on Crown Point

With a name like ‘Vista House’ erected on ‘Crown Point’, should it really be a surprise when you realize the place offers you a sprawling and magnificent view of the land below?

The Vista House was built atop a basalt clifftop way back in the year 1918, so there’s a lot of history to be learned here.

It offers you an outstanding view encompassing the Columbia River Gorge in both directions. Speaking of the Vista House itself, you can walk in and have a look around it. This is actually a swell idea because the best views you can get are from the upper observation deck of the building.

More than being listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Vista House is simply a lovely monument you should go see.

There’s one particular place you might not be able to see from the Vista House’s balcony though, but trust us, it’s not something you want to miss. It’s a little friendly place called Spa Remedease…yes, that’s us!

It is Hood River’s very own resident spa. Take a visit to Spa Remedease and decide if you agree with all approval and praise that we receive.

If you’re still not a believer, spend a few minutes here and we have a feeling you’ll change your mind.

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