3 Places to Hike by Columbia River Gorge

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June 14, 2019
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June 19, 2019

This right here is for the adventurist at heart. Try something new and exciting because it’s never too late to take new leaps in life. Go enjoy yourself in wild, untamed and exotic places. Take a vacation to a place where you can be uninhibited.

Go to Hood River, Oregon, and see why hundreds of hikers, campers and mountaineers flock it every year. The river, waterfalls, running waters, forest, and mountain attract them for good reason, and you’ll know why right now.

  • The Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area is one of those places that leaves you staring in awe when you see it. Spectacular scenery and breathtaking views can make you forget you’re not there to simply stand and admire your surroundings; much activity waiting for you. The choice is yours on which ones you wish to try.

Do you enjoy hiking? There is an endless network of trails for your short-day hikes. These same trails cover longer, extended ones.

  • Angel’s Rest Trail is a very popular day hike trail. Tourists jokingly call this trail a gym because it provides a good workout. You climb up for half a mile, all the while taking in scenery that few people are fortunate to see. The top of Coopey Falls awaits you at the end of your hike, and that’s a 150-foot waterfall that has drawn countless curious vacationers and hikers like you.
  • Balfour-Klickitat Area & Trail is one of the more popular trails frequented by hikers. The paved trail is conducive for birdwatching, and the wildflowers bordering you add more flair and a touch of color to please the eyes.
  • The Coyote Wall is one of the largest attractions here. You can’t miss this huge formation of columnar basalt because it’s arguably Columbia River Gorge’s most distinct feature.

As a biker or hiker, you have more than 30 miles of trails with amazing, breathtaking views all around you. Mountain bikers in particular find the range of mountain biking challenges extremely exciting, so if that’s your thing, these trails are perfect for you.

We can’t list all the trails crisscrossing Hood River because of their sheer number. Considering the fact you can see more than a 100 hike trails on any map of you pick up, you know you can never be short of places to explore.

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