Health Matters
December 7, 2017

The human body is fascinating, more connected then we will ever realize. I am intrigued by how it works and how we can best support it so that we feel amazing every day. I have been studying and practicing body work, skin care, nutrition, movement and lots of other healing modalities and through working with guests, I have realized that majority of our guests suffer from the same ailments. I find that I don’t have the ability to give all our guests the information during and after their treatment. I would like to share more to help you get better because it is not the one exercise or the one magical skin care product that will do the trick (I know, downer…).

I thought that I could start using the blog as a way of sharing more details and resources for those guests who are tired of their back pain, bunions, foot pain, rosacea, acne, sun spots and so on and so on. These minor health inconveniences are simply our body trying very hard to send us a message and I would love to help you on the journey to decoding it.

While this blog is not meant to be a substitute for medical advice, it is meant to help you to explore and experience your own journey towards feeling the best you ever have. Your results may differ from mine or other guests but I hope that we can help you better navigate the world of health. Currently it is dominated by pharmaceutical and personal care companies and their marketing messages that have been so successful at confusing us.

Join me if you think you would like to find your own tools to fine tune your own body and mind.


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