Best Ways to Enjoy Dessert Wine in Hood River

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July 24, 2019
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July 31, 2019

With a modest population of just over 7000 people, Hood River doesn’t come off as the most populous nor the largest of cities in Oregon but our quaint city overlooks the Columbia River so it’s just as great a destination to visit as others.

Because Hood River is home to so many attractions and events, like the County Fruit Loop, vacationers tend to forget it’s a potent producer of wine too.

There are over 36 wineries, 83 vineyards, 11 brewpubs and almost 12 cider houses in Hood River. The city can keep both the adventurist and wine enthusiast satisfied. If you belong to the latter, have a quick read below to see fun ways to enjoy dessert wine in Hood River, Oregon.

  • Late Harvest Riesling

Nothing makes dessert sweeter than when it’s served with sweet wine. This is Hood River’s choice dessert wine. It’s light, sweet and flavorful; the best way to serve it is when it’s chilled.

To make matters more ‘interesting’, why not toss in a few strawberries in the glass cup first, then pour the wine? If you’re really feeling creative, half-freeze the wine so its more of a slushie. Shake the bottle up real good and serve it. Sprinkle some pieces of fruit in it and it’s bound to go well with any dessert you have.

  • Marionberry & Raspberry Wines

This is for people who love their wines with a higher concentration of alcohol and considerably stronger flavor. You can open up a bottle of this wine and leave it untouched for months. There’s no need to refrigerate it, which is quite convenient, don’t you think?

You can serve these kinds of wine just as you would any cordial or liqueur, meaning you can pour them over fresh fruit, ice-cream, yogurt, cheesecake; it’s your choice.

You are not limited to just fruits too. Pour them over ice tea, vodka or a favorite lemonade. Another excellent way to serve raspberry wine is to freeze it in ice cube trays and scoop a few into a cup of your favorite champagne. The possibilities are almost endless.

  • Rainier Cherry Port

Cookies go well with anything and wine is no exception. You can dip the cookies into your glass for a sweet and pleasant treat; pour in a little vermouth for good measure and make yourself some lovely aperitif.

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