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December 7, 2017
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August 9, 2018

We only promote scientifically proven principles….

This is a fun statement that I have heard so often when I was working in a more allopathic medical setting – dietitians talking about only promoting diets that are scientifically proven (hello low fat, whole grain, food pyramid…), doctors talking badly to their patients about acupuncture or massage because there was not a proof that it worked.

I am always amused by hiding behind science. Any scientist that has dedicated their life to research wants nothing more than to discover new things, improve our current theories, come with new cures and so on. As a result, science is not a static thing – far from it. Furthermore, what makes it into educational curriculums is usually years behind from what we already know through research and most research is misinterpreted in our media because it needs headers that will sell.

So, I always ask myself – what are we doing today that 50 years from now we will be shaking our head at in disbelief. Just to give you an idea of what I am talking about – in 1949, commercials were reassuring us that Camels is the brand that all doctors choose. Doctors were recommending smoking to their patients because it is good for your throat.

There are no absolutes and even with” scientifically” proven advice, I always ask back – how is it working for you? Do you wake up full of energy ready for your day, do you sleep through the night, are your biological functions working like a Swiss watch, no need for any medications…you get the idea. If some of these are iffy and optimal health is an illusion for you, then perhaps it is time to explore some of the “woo woo” things that have only been around for…oh wait never mind, most of the “woo woo” things have been around much longer than our modern approach to medicine. They just simply did not fit the model when we started dissecting and separating things in our body.

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