2 Mistakes First Time Vacationers Make While Visiting Hood River, Oregon

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Hood River is the kind of place that has a little bit of something good for every type of vacationer. Sports fanatics can find their calling on the ski slopes; food lovers can make a beeline to the County Fruit Loop while art lovers should feel right at home in the town’s many galleries and museums.

It doesn’t matter what your interests or preferences are, Hood River can accommodate them. But with so much to see and do, making mistakes is an inevitability unless you’re aware of them before going on the vacation.

Written below are 2 common mistakes tourists make when visiting Hood River, Oregon for the first time.

  • Ride the Bus, Not Your Car

Hood River, though a relatively small town, is still a big place to see and explore. It’s numerous events and attractions means seeing everything on foot is next to impossible. Solution? Ride a bus; you can rent a car, but don’t do that because you won’t get as much value for your time as when you ride a tour bus.

Contact any of the tour companies which offer the rides in and around Hood River. This way, you don’t have to worry about getting lost.

  • You’re Not a Machine

Fatigue and travel go hand-in-hand, don’t they? But the greatest threat lies in trying to see several attractions in one go when you travel. If you take out a few hours to see and visit as many places as possible, you’ll end up burning yourself out. In a way, it’s going to be like being back at work while on vacation.

A simple workaround is to plan beforehand the places you intend to go see and how long you’ll be at each of them. Do that or you’ll spend the majority of your limited vacation time doing nothing but resting your tired body.

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