Unwind This Winter in Hood River, Oregon

Explore Hood River’s Museums This Winter
November 14, 2019
Hood River, A Hiker’s Paradise
November 21, 2019

One place that is great for unwinding this winter is Hood River, Oregon. Wintertime in Hood River is the season for film festivals, holiday traditions, and ski season events. You can bring along the family or just make it a special vacation for you and your friends; probably as a way to reward each other for sticking together throughout the long year. If you, however, just want to get away from all the hustle and bustle and seek peace and solitude, Hood River can also help you achieve that. How, you ask? Let’s find out.

  • Accommodation

First, choose from an assortment of hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, resorts or vacation rentals to stay for the duration of your visit. Hood River has numerous places that you can choose to stay in depending on your budget and the views from most of them are amazing!

  • Breakfast

To start your day, enjoy a hearty breakfast of whatever you please at one of the many restaurants available across town. But this is of course if your accommodation package does not already come with free breakfast. This can also be a nice opportunity for a healthy walk.

  • Buy A Book

After breakfast, hop on a trolley to downtown Hood River where you’ll find a bookstore that you can buy a book for reading if you desire. You’ll find classics or the latest picks to choose from that will ensure you great reading when you decide to settle down and dig in.

  • Take In A Museum

From the bookstore, why not do a tour of one of the many museums available in Hood River? You can either go to the Hood River County History Museum to learn about history, the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center & Museum in the nearby Dales or the Western Antique Aeroplane and Automobile Museum (WAAAM) which has one of the largest collections of antique airplanes and automobiles that are still working. They are mostly open every day of the week except Sundays and give tours.

  • Catch A Play

If the museum is not quite your scene, why not catch a play at the Columbia Center for the Arts? You can also see a film if you want to. They also have beautiful art exhibitions on show, so take a peek if you have an appreciation for stuff like that.

  • Relax

Now, that you’ve successfully had a day that wasn’t too fast-paced and that you also didn’t spend as a recluse and it’s time to pamper yourself. It’s part of the reason you took the vacation, isn’t it? Head on over to Spa Remedease for one of the most memorable and healing massages you will ever receive. You can also throw in a facial or body treatment too.

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