Vendor in the Spotlight – Eyelash Extensions by Mackenzie

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December 3, 2019
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Spa Remedease is a place that needs no introduction. We honestly see ourselves as one of Hood River’s top, if not best, attraction. This is not unwarranted because the experts at our spa have proven they are worth their salt. Masseurs, masseuses and other specialists at our spa have tended to happy vacationers, adventurists and Hood River’s very own happy folk.

One of our workers, in particular, deserves a mention. Her name is Mackenzie, and she’s been dubbed the ‘eyelash extension queen’ for a very good reason. Let’s find out why, yeah?

  • So, ‘Eyelash Extension Queen’, is it?

[Laughs] Yes, a queen from the Pacific northwest. I’m well aware it’s not the humblest of titles but I would be lying if I said it wasn’t deserved. Even though I love what I do and I’m decidedly passionate about it, there’s so much more to why the services I offer are excellent. If you’re talking about qualifications, I hold a cosmetology license and lash certifications, but that’s still not why I believe my eyelash extension sets stand out from others of the like.

  • Why do you believe the services you offer are different, then?

Oh, several reasons. But I’ll tell you right now that the attention to detail I give my guests is unmatched. I aim to always keep your natural lashes healthy while creating a great look that you can have filled over and over again. I tend to all types of guests but I love working with those who have short and thin lashes the most; giving them a wonderful natural look is something I always look forward to.

  • What influenced your decision the most to embark on this particular enterprise?

I’ll have to say it’s the fascination I’ve always had with healing the body in the safest ways possible but utilizing the most effective mediums available. I’m most inclined towards healing and treating the body with holistic treatments, and I truly believe that’s why fate took me to Spa Remedease. I now work there, using the trove of natural treatments they offer to my advantage.

  • What advice would you give to ladies who are skeptical about eyelash extensions?

Don’t believe the myth, because it’s all false. Eyelash extensions don’t damage your natural lashes; on the contrary, they accentuate them. As long as they are applied properly and they are correctly cared for, eyelash extensions will do nothing but make you beautiful-without the need to recourse to mascara too! It won’t be farfetched to say with eyelash extensions, you’ll need less makeup altogether, but the desired effect will still be achieved.

Thank you, Mackenzie. And to our readers, head over to Spa Remedease and meet Mackenzie in person. Treat yourself and heal your worn muscles at Spa Remedease, then let Mackenzie get to work on your eyelashes. There’s really very little reason you shouldn’t head to Spa Remedease whenever your holiday takes you to Hood River, don’t you think?

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