Where to Get Ice Cream in Hood River, Oregon

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July 31, 2019
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Ice-cream has reigned supreme as the world’s favorite dessert almost since its invention. If you weren’t aware, this frozen and colored milk dates all the way back to 618AD in China; that’s more than a thousand years ago. For something to persist for so long, one can argue it must be special.

Hood River certainly thinks so. It’s many restaurants and vendors stock the sweetest ice-cream, keeping Oregon folk cool and happy, but ice-cream is just the start. The variety of desserts which Hood River’s chefs, cooks, and ice-cream vendors have stocked-up are fabulous, to say the least.

You can’t spend time in Hood River and not try some of the sweet ice cream flavors found here. We’ve picked out some top favorites for you to have a look at.

  • Home ‘Sweet’ Home

An old proverb tells us, ‘Home is where the heart is’, and Hood River agrees with this. The best ice-cream is the one made with a little touch of home; nothing too over the top, but still pleasant enough to make you keep wanting more and more.

There’s a place at 504 Oak St, Ste B, called ‘Mike’s Ice-Cream’. With treats like homemade waffle cone, soft-serve yogurt, sugar cone and dipped waffle, the place offers you a menu that simply won’t disappoint. Go there and treat yourself to some homely goodness.

  • Frozen Treats Are the Best

We all have individual preferences when it comes to food but suffice to say we all agree frozen desserts are wonderfully pleasant and indulgent. We’re not just talking about mere popsicles and ice-cream. Hood River’s ice-cream parlors go well beyond the norm and serve you frozen desserts that are quite literally an exception from what you’re used to.

You don’t have to take our word for it..go check out Granny’s Gedunk Ice Cream Parlor. Found at 196 SW 2nd St, Stevenson, this place hordes recipes you’d be hard-pressed to find in any other ice-cream parlor in Hood River.

Favorites among the locals include frozen peanut butter cup pie, frozen lemonade pie and ice-cream sandwich cake. All in all, Granny has prepared a menu worthy of praise. Take one trip there and you’ll probably be a loyal patron for the entire duration of your holiday.

Now that you’re full of ice cream, how about some R&R?

Spa Remedease is Hood River’s primary rest and relaxation center. The treatments our spa offers benefits your health and well-being in ways ice cream can’t.

Our professional massage therapists have decades’ worth of experience so you can be assured of excellent service anytime you step into Spa Remedease. Give us a call to book an appointment in advance or come see us in person. You’re always welcome in Spa Remedease.

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