Will It Be Weird If I Come to Your Spa in Hood River Alone?

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July 15, 2020
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July 21, 2020

The short answer is no. Coming to us here at Spa Remedease by yourself could even turn out to be more relaxing for you. Sometimes, you might not just feel up to checking in with your friend on if they’re ready for a spa day. Come by yourself then. People often tend to put others before themselves, so you might find yourself bothering about your friends on your holiday in Hood River. Do not forget that it can also be beneficial to take time out to focus on you and just you.

  • Will I Stick Out?

No, you won’t. Solo spa-goers have become a thing now, and people respect them. In fact, when we see solo spa-goers nowadays, we’re more apt to admire their strength and independence. It means a lot that you can take time out to pamper yourself and bother about your long-term health. You are not selfish for wanting to go to a spa alone. Self-care is an integral part of human existence.

  • How Can I Make the Most of My Solo Spa Day?

You can start your day by immersing yourself in a book you’ve intended to read for a while. If you don’t have any, how about going for a hike or a run along Hood River’s scenic routes? You can also hire a bike and head out on one of the many biking trails or just spend the whole day snoozing. Honestly, it’s your self-care day. Do whatever makes you happy. Some of our customers have also been known to visit downtown and enjoy some time in the bookshops there. The museums are also there to interest you if you’re bored and seeking some new knowledge.

If you can’t find something that you’d love to do above, you could always create a pre spa routine that works for you. Decide on what would interest you from when you wake up until it’s time to visit our spa. We often advise that people book their spa visits towards the end of the day so that they can keep the lovely products we use, imbedded in them for longer. You most likely won’t do any high-stress activity and sweat them away. It is also a great way to allow yourself time to relax and then wake up in time for your trip home. So, what do you say?

Here at Spa Remedease, we love it when people visit Hood River and come to see us. You could book a solo spa session with us and sneak away for some alone time. Would you be interested in having such a lovely experience? Give us a call today!

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