Spa Remedease Membership

Mix and match! Finally, a membership that you will love and love to use! The monthly membership amount of $145 will post to your account and it is yours to use for any of our services, packages, gift cards or retail. It is a completely custom membership option that gives you access to membership pricing on all Spa Remedease Services.

Out of town for a few weeks? No worries if you have credit left at the end of the month, it just rolls over and you can use it to indulge in a spa package, stock up on your favorite retail or treat a friend. It is your money, your health and with us you will always get to use it!

Price: $145/month
If you spend more than your account credit, you continue to receive membership prices. Membership length: 6-month minimum initial commitment, then month to month - cancel anytime.

Register for a consultation with Naturopathic Doctor, Kathleen Pratt.

At our spa, we believe that we can help you alleviate majority of the concerns you come to us with. However many of the concerns have root causes that can be found in the digestive system, hormonal imbalances or nutritional deficiencies and those are outside of our scope of practice. We know that if we work in tandem with a naturopathic provider you will achieve the results that you are truly looking for. For example you could work with our estheticians on the scarring and breakouts created from acne while dr. Kathleen helps you find the internal causes for it.

Get rid of that rosacea, nagging shoulder ache, thinning hair or brittle and splitting nails for good!

Membership FAQs

Can I let someone else use it?

Yes, if you are at the spa together. If you schedule a service with a friend or family member and come in for services at the same time, the membership prices will be extended to all the appointments you reserved. Another way you can redeem your credit for another person is to purchase a gift card for them using your account credit.

Can I accumulate my membership?

Yes, just like cell phone minutes, your unused credit rolls over. Credit is valid for up to 4 months so you can accumulate up to $580 or 4 months’ worth of credit that can be used towards our programs, gift cards or a special R&R day. The credit is not eligible for cash refunds after it has posted to your account and any credit over $580 or after 4 months of posting will expire immediately upon accumulation.

How do I pay?

For a hassle free experience, we set up automated credit card or bank account deduction on the same day of each month.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No long term contract needed (though we are confident that you are going to love it and stay with us forever). After your initial 6-month commitment is met, simply provide us with a 30 day notice and it will be stopped.