Personalized analysis from a Spa Remedease skin therapist combined with a high-tech facial imaging system to craft a home and professional skin care regime uniquely for you. We recommend that you reserve this appointment along with a facial if this is your first time with us. This will allow us to observe what is happening on top and below the skin, and enables greater accuracy with our treatment and home care recommendations.
Member - $35 | A La Carte - $50


Technology-based facial that combines Hydra Microdermabrasion facial with the powers of microcurrent to fight fine lines and wrinkles. If there is a magic eraser for your skin, this facial is it!
Member - $205 | A La Carte - $235


This facial begins with hydrating microdermabrasion for gentle exfoliation, removing impurities and resurfacing. Your skin is then infused with customized blends for nourishment and hydration, leaving your skin radiant and glowing! This facial uses the latest in spa technology and is best suited for those looking for help with skin texture, uneven and dull skin, fine lines, acne marks and pigmented skin.
Member - $185 | A La Carte - $205


An anti-aging facial treatment that combines stem cells with noninvasive microneedling for enhanced elasticity, texture and tone. You will notice smoother and firmer skin, easier make up application, and an overall more youthful look.
Member - $185 | A La Carte - $205


Therapeutic facial treatment that promotes repair and remodeling of the skin while addressing any skin conditions you may be concerned about. This treatment is completely customized and includes extractions if your skin needs them. Your skin will feel healthier and more resilient.
Member - $155 | A La Carte - $175


Relaxing facial treatment that uses nutrient- and antioxidant-rich natural products paired with gentle cupping. This treatment supports the lymphatic system, leaving your skin revitalized and nourished. This facial is best suited for those who are already in love with their skin and are looking for relaxation and prevention when it comes to their skin health. Extractions are not included with this facial.
Member - $135 | A La Carte - $155


You will fall in love with the results! Dermal infusion is a non-acid peel for ultimate cellular renewal support. Dermal infusions are most effective in series, so if it is your first time with us, we recommend starting with a full facial and then adding dermal infusion after consultation with your therapist.
Member - $90 | A La Carte - $105


LED treatments trigger the body to convert light energy into cell energy and can be customized for any skin condition. We love to enhance any of our facial treatments with an LED session, as it is like recharging your skin's batteries!
Member - $60 | A La Carte - $70

To Reserve multiple treatments, packages, or couples massages, please call us at (541) 387-8451 When booking online, appointment times shown online do not represent actual lengths of your service. The times also include your intake and exit interviews as well as time for the therapist to prepare the room for the next guest. Please inquire with the spa directly if you have questions about treatment lengths or would like longer treatment sessions.