Motor Vehicle Accidents & Massage

Getting into a car accident is never fun! There is so much that happens so quickly and often you do not realize all the things that are covered under your policy. We specialize in motor vehicle accident injuries and can help you get better. Studies have confirmed that the sooner you receive a focused bodywork, the quicker and better your injuries will heal.

If you own a vehicle, you most likely have a Personal Injury Protection coverage under your auto insurance policy. Oregon state law requires that Personal Injury Protection covers massage therapy services. We will directly bill any auto vehicle insurance company and most of the time there is no co-payment required at the time of service.

If you have been involved in a motor vehicle incident and received emergency room or clinic evaluation, most often the evaluation is looking for injuries such as concussion, broken bones, internal injuries but may not be looking at the soft tissue trauma. Many motor vehicle accident victims realize the extent of their soft tissue injuries only few days, weeks or even months after the actual incident. It is not uncommon that you wake up with severe back pain, spasms or headaches. Soft tissue injuries such as sprains, strains or whiplash cannot be detected on x-rays and are often overlooked, yet they can cause severe debilitating pain. Ask for massage therapy prescription from your treating physician after an injury.

Some of the examples of conditions that may be cause by motor vehicle accidents are: whiplash, neck and back injuries, tendon damage, muscle spasms, headaches and migraines, sleep trouble.

Massage therapy can alleviate and even help prevent these and other accident related injuries. It is important to begin massage treatment as soon as possible to begin the recovery process. Injuries left untreated can sometime persist for months or even years.

Massage therapy can also aid recovery by restoring balance to your autonomic nervous system. Relaxation techniques can help alleviate the trauma on your nervous system caused by an accident. Massage therapy promotes circulation of blood and lymph which can reduce swelling as well as assist in flushing the injured area with fresh blood rich in nutrients that aid in faster tissue recovery.

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