4 Ways to Prepare for Your Spa Day at Spa Remedease

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June 12, 2020
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It’s been a long year, and we’re still in June! We can’t wait for this to be over and for you to visit us here at Hood River. What will be the first place you’ll visit? We’ll whatever you do go, don’t forget to visit us at Spa Remedease to enjoy a fun spa day. It’s the one place where you’re guaranteed to have peace and relaxation. Here are a few simple tips for creating the perfect spa day with us at Spa Remedease.

  • Ask Questions

The spa experience you get from us should meet and exceed your expectations.  Beyond the treatment, our service providers differ as well, so if you have an ailment, medical condition, or preference, please share with us to ensure you are scheduled with the best treatment provider to suit your needs. We will go out of our way if necessary.

  • Arrive Early

Imagine being stressed and rushing to arrive late at the spa. It may even mean that your treatment time will be cut short if the treatment provider’s schedule is not flexible. We would hate to do that. If you allow yourself extra time to get to our spa, you’ll avoid such an anxiety-filled situation. Whether you choose to use our spa’s amenities before your service or relax in the lounge with hot tea and a magazine, you will appreciate the sense of calm that will surround your spa time.

  • Talk to Your Therapist

Our massage therapists are trained to check in with you periodically. Your esthetician will also review your skin needs and your expectations before she begins. Don’t be afraid to speak up to ensure the service is tailored to your needs. Our staff will not be offended because they want you to enjoy your experience, so communicating is vital.

  • Take It Home

Everyone is sad when they are eventually done and have to leave the spa. We hate that you have to go too. So why not take a piece of our spa home with you. Whether it’s a custom massage oil or a new skincare regimen, we’ve got many that can be tailored to suit your needs. All you have to do is talk to us about it.

Here at Spa Remedease, we want the very best for you. That’s why all of our staff and process are tailored to make you happy. If you’re in Hood River, don’t hesitate to visit us. Give us a call today!

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