7 Biking Safety Tips for Your Trip to Hood River Oregon

5 Tips for Your Hood River Wind Surfing Trip
August 31, 2020
3 Great Reasons to Come to Our Spa When in Hood River
September 17, 2020
5 Tips for Your Hood River Wind Surfing Trip
August 31, 2020
3 Great Reasons to Come to Our Spa When in Hood River
September 17, 2020

Hood River is famous for its bike trails. You should visit and see the many wonders that Hood River has to offer. Here at Spa Remedease welcome you to try the historic roadbeds, cross-country ski trails, and hilly, scenic terrain that make the Hood River attractive to road cyclists and mountain bikers. Before you do, here are some great tips that will keep you and others safe.

  • Prep Your Ride

Make sure that your brakes and chain are in good working order, and your tires well-inflated. You should also adjust your seat height for an efficient and pain-free ride. This means that when seated, your leg should be almost straight, with your foot flat on the lower pedal. Don’t forget to give these a test ride before heading out.

  • Be Visible

Use Daytime Running Lights: White in front and red for your rear and also reflective clothing, including those that can be seen from the side. Be sure to use a light on your helmet to point wherever you’re looking. During low-light conditions like the fall & winter, keep your lights on during the daytime.

  • Be Careful and Distraction-Free

Try to ride in a straight line and be predictable in your movements. Remember that effective positioning will help you be seen on the road. Do not use mobile devices or headphones while biking. Stay distraction-free. You can use just one earbud so that you can communicate with the other road users.

  • Communicate

Please always use hand signals when turning, slowing down, or stopping. Before passing other road users, make sure you at least shoulder check.

  • Respect Road Rules

They are there for a reason. Bikes have similar road rights to motor vehicles, and must also obey traffic signals, signs, and right-of-way rules.

  • Yield to Foot Traffic

Please endeavor to slow down when you are in pedestrian areas and yield to those on foot. Walk your bike on sidewalks.

Sharing Paths: On mixed-use paths, stick to a slower speed and respect people on foot. Be aware of your speed and surroundings all the time. Make sure to slow down in advance of crossings.

  • Know the Road & Plan Your Route

The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) has created and provided a detailed set of maps for bikers. You can view the map in PDF format or a hard-copy and you can obtain them from local bike shops. Use them to determine the best route for your ability and experience.

After enjoying your day biking Hood River’s scenic routes and trails, why not pay a visit to our spa and get the kink out of your shoulders? We have a great team here at Spa Remedease and we promise that you will not be disappointed. Contact us today!

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