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Spring Into Skin Renewal
March 12, 2019
Spring Into Skin Renewal
March 12, 2019
As a massage therapist, it sure feels great when after a session, a guest says: “This was the best massage I have ever had.” As nice as that is to hear, I also know that it really does not have much to do with my jetty massage powers. Rather, it is a combination of the guest doing their part during the massage and the therapist being fully present and finding a touch that matches the guest’s needs. massage.


I am sure that you spent some time looking around and doing your research before you purchased your last car. I know that a car seems like a bigger commitment then a massage. But if you spend a little bit of time looking around for therapists that have a good reputation and whose skills and specialties might be a good fit for you, you will have a much better chance of finding a massage therapist that is right for you. There are so many massage types. Even though all practicing massage therapists have to hold the same state-issued license, the training and skills may vary widely. So, if you had a session and it was not quite the right fit, keep looking. It is also nice to try different therapists if you go to a spa that has a team of therapists. You will find ones that will be a better fit for you if you are looking for relaxation as opposed to the ones that might specialize in more injury rehabilitation and therapeutic work.

Expert advice:

Massage therapists can be a helpful part of your “optimal health team.” They spend a lot of time learning how to help people inhabit their physical bodies better and how to relieve common aches and pains. 99% of our massage guests come in with neck and back pain and foot issues – all pretty much in the same areas and all with very similar root causes. Great therapists should spend time with you after the session, explaining what peaked their curiosity and perhaps helping you learn what you can do between sessions to feel great. The reality is that many muscle ailments you are dealing with can absolutely be relieved by bodywork. But what happens to most is that they feel better for a few days, a week perhaps, and then the aches come right back. Well-trained and educated massage therapists can help you understand what you can start exploring to get longer-lasting results. Hint: It often starts with what shoes we wear, how we walk (or don’t), how and how much we sit, how we correct our forward head posture by thrusting our ribs, and so on and so on.


Massage therapists are generally very intuitive, observant and body-aware. However, they are not clairvoyant! When you arrive for your massage appointment, I know that you can’t wait to get on the treatment table. You might not be very diligent about filing out your intake form or sharing information with your therapist. I can promise you that your session will be much more effective if you take an extra minute or two to talk with your therapist prior to your session. What type of pressure do you like? How is your body feeling today? Any areas of acute pain or areas of persistent tension? Any areas you prefer not having massaged? For example, some guests have ticklish feet or they are heading out for dinner and prefer their scalp not being touched. Some health conditions require that we modify your session, no matter how long ago they occurred.

Arrive early:

If your appointment start time is at 5 pm and you arrive at 4:59 pm, you are costing yourself appointment time. I suggest that you arrive at least 15 min prior to the start of your appointment. Arrive earlier if your facility has amenities, such as a sauna or steam room that you can take advantage of prior to your session. That will give you plenty of time to use the restroom, have some water, fill out your intake form, turn off your phone and simply take a little time to disconnect before you jump on the table. If you are walking in late and are still on a work phone call, you are not only missing out on time from your massage but also on the experience. If your therapist is asking you questions before your session to learn how they can best help you with bodywork, you will probably be very annoyed if you came in late because you will feel like you are missing time on the table. Know that your therapist took the time to get the room ready for you, prepared hot towels, and reviewed notes from the previous session. So, arriving late consistently to your appointments is rather rude. Of course, emergencies happen. However, if it happens every session, then it is not an emergency. It is lack of planning.


We are all very unique and our nervous systems respond differently to massage sessions. Some guests like deeper pressure, while others enjoy lighter massage for the most benefit. I have noticed that there is a lot of confusion around massage pressure. Many guests think “no pain, no gain,” and “in order to feel better, it has to hurt.” I would like to explain that massage that is painful or uncomfortable is often counterproductive. See, it is not actually the mechanical kneading that releases knots and tension. Instead, it is the ability of the therapist to connect with the guest’s nervous system, so that the brain can recognize that the area of tension can be released. So, if you are getting a massage session and are holding your breath and grinding your teeth most of the appointment time, we have just told your nervous system to protect and tense the areas that are already struggling. There are people whose nervous system responds better to deeper pressure. But no matter how deep the pressure, the guidance is that you should always be able to take comfortable, deep breaths that move your rib cage rather than “breathing through it” as if you were in labor. Now it is time to stop reading about massage and simply schedule one! I invite you to come find us on our website You will be able to sign up for a trial gift card that you can apply toward your first treatment of $75 or more! I encourage you to inquire about cupping or infrared heat with your massage session. You will fall in love.

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