Hood River’s Famous Wine Tasting Events and Bike Tours

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October 3, 2019
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October 10, 2019

Hood River wine country provides varieties of wines for you to taste and enjoy. In 2017, Hood River was named among the Top 10 Wine Destinations by the Wine Enthusiast magazine.

This shows how commendable the wines are. In addition, you can enjoy not only the wines but also the scenic views of the Columbia River, Mount Hood, and Mount Adams. So what are you waiting for? Pick up your bike and take a ride in the wine country of Hood River, Oregon to enjoy your fine wines. Touring with a bike will ensure you experience the beautiful Hood River and its wineries better than using other means.

  • Group Fun

For groups of as many as 17 people, you can enjoy an all-inclusive wine-tasting tour with MountNBarrel. For each tour, they will provide you with lunch which is locally sourced, three complimentary tastings which you can customize if you so desire and a cruiser bike with a helmet that fits you. Of course, they will provide a party planner and a guide for you. So, gear up, gather your family and friends and embark on this bike-riding trip to the many wineries spread across the wine country.

  • Fruit Fun

On your tour, you will be engaged with tours of different vineyards where the fruits are grown for the wines. Here, you can pick strawberries or simply smell the varieties of lavender or sample the cider (which is becoming popular for being outstandingly hard). Also, you will enjoy a tasting of the various wines which is the main purpose of your tour after all. There will also be food pairings on this tour.

  • Bike Fun

Remember to wear comfortable clothes depending on weather conditions of course, as this ride is a leisurely one with just a few rolling hills to surmount. Take your necessary items like water bottle, sunscreen and do not wear open shoes or flip-flops for ease of movement.

Now that you have gone on a bike tour and enjoyed some wine, you can relax in Hood River’s very own Spa Remedease. This is the spa that gives you the massage your body needs, the manicure and pedicure that suits your hands and feet and the relaxation your soul needs. There is a reason Spa Remedease ranks as the most popular spa in Hood River. Visit Spa Remedease and enjoy a full spa experience you will never forget.

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