Scavenger Hunt Gresham

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July 20, 2022
Trail Keepers University Leadership Lab
August 3, 2022

We all love scavenger hunts! Cyber Activities, Inc. will put together a traditional scavenger hunt with a modern twist. We highly recommend you participate in it!

All you need to be a part of the event is your mobile device and a data connection. It takes place on the 20th of August 2022, less than a month away!

This no-age-limit activity is a smartphone-guided event where you and your group will play alone in your neighborhood by following the instructions provided by the in-game host. The young and old are welcome; you can go with your family or friends. Participation can be in a group, as a couple, or individually.

You can create multiple teams and compete against each other to be the highest-ranking team in the game’s hall of fame. You are to fill your virtual scavenger sack with items via clues in the form of riddles. The goal is to explore your surroundings as quickly as possible and locate items as soon as they are revealed one by one by your game master.

Teams will be timed, and each item they find will be appraised. A combination of these factors will determine their rank against other teams. You have a chance to compete and score the win for your team to clinch the top spot in the hall of fame!

The participation price is per team, not per person, and groups can have as many members as possible. However, teams of two, three, or four work best as your group will only be following the game via a single mobile device.

Because the game is self-guided by the in-app game master, it can be played at any time in any city. But it is designed to be played in a busy, populated area like a mall; expect it to last around 90 minutes. So, if you are ready for an hour and a half of an exciting hunting game, get your tickets here!

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