Top Family-Friendly Activities to Engage in Hood River with Your Kids

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November 28, 2019
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December 3, 2019

Are you going for a holiday getaway with your family? Safe outdoor activities are usually one of the greatest concerns of parents out on holiday trips with their kids. At Hood River, you need not worry about that. Hood River provides a variety of activities you could easily engage in with your kids without worrying about any risks or even danger involved. Written out for you below are some tips on family-friendly activities.

  • Take a nature walk with your kids

Hood River is popular for several reasons. It’s known for its wonderful sights and sounds. You can simply take a walk with your kids at the Indian reek trail while you are swallowed by scenic views. A nature walk is easily one of the most peaceful ways to spend your time at Hood River.

  • Visit Art Centers and events

Visiting art galleries at the museums is something everyone in the family can enjoy. The beautiful and unique works of art in the museums have always been the pride and joy of Hood River, and you’ll understand why this is so when you visit them. Apart from these museums, Hood River itself is one massive work of art. You could also go for art tours around Hood River and appreciate the beautiful murals and sculptures.

  • Participate in the parade.

Holiday season in Hood River means a trove of events for you to participate in. The parade, in particular, is loved by everyone because of how vibrant and exciting it is. Both you and your family will love it. And we have to mention the tree lighting; that’s another event you shouldn’t miss.

  • Visit the Hood River waterfront park

Your Holiday at Hood River won’t be complete until you visit the Hood River waterfront park. It’s the perfect place for your kids to relax and socialize with other kids. The park features a playground, beach and amphitheater. There’s a lot more than just that too, so make your way there whenever you can.

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