11 Tips for Mountain Climbing in Hood River Oregon

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February 6, 2020
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February 13, 2020

Hood River is a place surrounded mountains so if you’re in Hood River, mountain climbing will be one of the things on your itinerary. So, how do you prepare and what are the important things to know when it comes to mountain climbing? Read on to find out.

Preparing for The Climb

  • Jog or Do Cardio Before You Climb

You need to condition your body for the climb. You don’t want to shock your body with the exertion that it’s going to go through taking you up the mountain. If you do not work out regularly, it is advisable to at least jog a couple of times in the weeks leading up to your mountain climb.

  • Read About the Mountain

Learn about the trails, rivers and waterways crossing, availability of a water source and more. There are maps and pamphlets about the mountains that you want to visit on sale in shops around Hood River.

  • Waterproof Your Things

No matter the weather, waterproof your things. You never know what water crossing you could fall into. Waterproofing yourself and your properties is a great way to protect them. 

  • Carry Water

Dehydration can lead to fatigue, headaches and even confusion. You cannot afford to become dehydrated on your climb. At least 2 liters of water should go with you on your trip and remember to drink it.

  • Carry Snacks

Keep your body supplied with enough carbs. A hike burns a lot of fat and carbohydrates and if you lose too much without replacement, you’ll run out of energy. Pack some nuts, candies, bread, etc.

  • Stretch Before You Start

A stretch is a good way to get your body and muscles pumped up and ready for the trip ahead. Do dynamic stretches that require you to move for maximum profit.

  • Carry A First Aid Kit

This is a golden rule. Basic medicine, cotton, band-aids and anything else you think would come in handy in an emergency are things that you should carry with you in the kit.

During the Climb

  • Exchange Greetings

Make the whole experience pleasant by being nice to fellow climbers and people that you encounter on your trail.

  • Keep Your Trash with You

Respect the environment and remember that you are only a guest at the mountain that you are exploring. Bring a container to store your trash with you while on the hike. Leave no traces of you behind.

  • Know How to Heed the Call of Nature

If nature calls and you have to do it, never do it along the trail, please. Find a spot where other people that come along won’t be bothered by what you leave. If it’s a number two, a small shovel and umbrella are great things to have handy. 

After the Climb

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