4 Tips for Shopping for Fun on Your Vacation in Hood River Oregon

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January 30, 2020
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The act of shopping in a new place has been proven to release dopamine which is a natural chemical that provides deep satisfaction. As you plan your trip to Hood River, including shopping in your plans is a great way to also explore and have fun. You will certainly come away with something either useful or fun.

If you go home with a new carpet, that’s a useful purchase. If some tacky tourist curio catches your fancy instead, then that’s a fun purchase. For souvenirs, things like outfits and cultural pieces that you could never get at home would do just fine. If you are a lover of adventure, you might even discover that the thrill and excitement of shopping on vacation is better than your experience of shopping at home. We at Spa Remedease think that you should shop a bit while in Hood River to enhance your vacation experience.

  • Our Fairs and Festival Markets Are Fun

You’ll find lots of art, fruit and lots more to buy. With the added thrill of many beautiful stalls displaying colorful produce, you’ll get the feel of Hood River culture at its best. Visiting a fair or festival to shop while in Hood River is a sure way to get a dopamine release.

  • See the Department Stores Too

Walmart, Bealls and Big Winds are also fun and will let you see what fashion is like in Hood River and will give you a different perspective of its people. If you are a real shopper, you’ll enjoy the experience too.

  • Just Go Prowling

Museums and historical sites are not the only places that you can go prowling around in Hood River. Grocery stores, supermarkets, small boutiques, cafes, and restaurants are great for prowling too. You’ll find more local flavor and less mass-marketed items.

  • Shop for Arts and Crafts

They are great as souvenirs and fun to shop for too. There are lots of places you can get them around Hood River. You should go for things that are small and easy to pack except when they are not. They’ll make great gifts for family and friends.

After a long day of shopping, complete the experience by coming over to Spa Remedease for a relaxing and rejuvenating spa experience. We have specialists who are good at what they do and you’ll be glad that you came. Give us a call today!

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