5 Tips to Enhance Your Valley Harvest Fest Experience in Hood River

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January 30, 2020
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Hood River’s Valley Harvest Fest is a 3-day event that celebrates Hood River’s rich bounty. Think fun, food, arts and craft and lots of local produce alongside music and dancing. Because of all these, the Valley Harvest Fest will give you a great experience that leaves lasting memories, build and strengthen your friendships if you go with friends, and create new bonds and traditions.

If you’re not prepared for a festival, however, you may find yourself sunburnt, unhappy and tired. So how do you avoid all of that? We’re glad you asked because these tips from us here at Spa Remedease will go a long way towards helping.

  • Hydration Is A Friend

Aim to drink at least 8 oz of water each hour that you are outside. You could even freeze your water overnight and bring it in a water bottle to help keep you hydrated while you enjoy yourself at the festival.

  • Make A ‘Plan of Attack’

The Valley Harvest Fest is one of the biggest festivals in Hood River so you will be seeing lots of artisan food producers, artists, farmers, cideries and wineries. Since it also a multi-day event, you might not be able to meet and see every single one of them. It’s best to grab a festival guide in advance and plan out your time and direction.

  • Weather

The Valley Harvest Fest is an outdoor festival. That means being prepared for the sun and maybe even rain. Have your sunglasses and sunblock ready and handy and you could also invest in a foldable poncho or rain jacket that will fit in your bag. You could also carry along an umbrella which will double as a shade against the sun and the rain.

  • Dress Comfortably

Shorts, t-shirts and sundresses are the ideal wear for the Valley Harvest Fest. You do not need expensive clothes and high heels would just mean injured feet. Shoes that you can stand in for several hours are the best. Great examples are hiking sandals and light sneakers which will keep your feet comfortable and protected.

  • Enjoy Yourself

You’ll find food, fruit, dancing, pie-eating and more. There’s even an entertainment area for kids. It comes loaded with bouncy houses, a rock wall, a face painting station and lots more. We advise that you try as much food, drink and fruit as you can and just generally enjoy yourself.

After a great day at the festival, why not book a spa session with us at Spa Remedease and enjoy any of our full-body massages? It’s an experience that you will greatly enjoy as we have specialists and experts who are committed to giving you a good time. Contact us today!

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