12 Snowshoeing Tips for Hood River Oregon

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January 22, 2020
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Many Snowshoeing trail options that offer spectacular views of Mount Hood, Mount St. Helens, Mount Adams, and Mount Rainier in Hood River. So, if you are coming for a visit this winter, Snowshoeing is one of the ways that you can enjoy the area. If you are a beginner or haven’t done snowshoeing before, the following tips from us should get you on your way.

  • Sign Up for A Class Prior

Although snowshoeing is something you can do by yourself. Going with an instructor or guide on your first trip is sure to make things easier and more enjoyable.

  • Buy or Rent Suitable Snowshoes

We’d advise that you buy or rent snowshoes from shops you will find around Hood River. Buy or rent the smallest snowshoes that will support your load. You can also read articles on how to choose the right snowshoes to learn more.

  • Carry A Larger Pack Than Usual

For your snowshoeing, you will need to pack as many clothes for a day trip as you would for a summer overnighter. That means a lot more clothes. You’ll also need a pack with an outer pocket so you can carry your snow shovel or snowshoes in the places where necessary.

  • You’ll Need Poles

Using poles will help with balance and make crossing of slopes easier. You can use the standard snowshoe poles, trekking poles or ski poles. With trekking poles, replacing the standard baskets with larger snow baskets will help to improve performance in the snow.

  • Bring A Repair Kit

Your repair kit should at the very least contain duct tape, some plastic tie wraps, and baling wire.

  • Warm Up Your Muscles

Warming up your muscles is necessary before snowshoeing for a lot of reasons. For one, you’ll be taking longer steps with your feet wider apart than normal. Lightly stretch your hamstrings and hip flexors to help with flexibility.

  • Follow Safety Practices

It’s been noticed that most avalanche victims unintentionally triggered the snow slide that buried them. Endeavor to take some classes in avalanche safety and read articles on avalanche basics before you proceed. You and everyone in your team should also carry and know how to use a probe, shovel, and an avalanche transceiver.

  • Drink Plenty of Fluids

You need to stay hydrated while you’re active. An insulated bottle filled with warm water and cocoa or tea could be a great pick me up, so have that with you.

  • Take Turns Breaking in Fresh Snow

This will let everyone in the group share in the extra work especially on steep slopes so that nobody becomes overly exhausted. 

  • Use Hand Warmers and Foot Warmers

Hand warmers and foot warmers are great friends that you can’t do without on your snowshoeing trip. They’ll keep your digits happy.

  • Carry an Extra Shirt and Socks

Change your socks anytime they get wet and carry and extra shirt to help keep you warm for your return trip.

  • Book A Spa Session with Us for Afterward

After a great day snowshoeing, a great way to wind down is to book a relaxing massage with us here at Spa Remedease. We’re Hood River’s very own resident spa and massage parlor and we promise that you won’t regret the experience. Give us a call today!

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