3 Benefits of A Massage at Spa Remedease

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July 2, 2020
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July 8, 2020

So, you’re in Hood River, you’ve heard about us, and you’re wondering if you should come in and why. First off, of course, you should come in! You’re going to need a spa session after your trip and after your hikes to rejuvenate yourself. Spa days are one of those things that never stop making your feel like you’re in luxury, and you deserve that. People especially love our massages here at Spa Remedease and keep coming back. Here’s why.

  • It Helps You Relax

After a long day, week, or even month, all you’ll want to do is relax. Touch is a core ingredient when it comes to relaxation. No matter how many funny videos you watch, you can’t get that. Our massages will help ease your stress, relax you, and cause your creativity to flow.

  • It improves your health

Massage has been proven to have significant effects on your hormones, digestion, cardiovascular, and immune system. It can help improve your circulation and detoxification. That’s why we always advise that you drink lots of water, especially after our deep tissue massage. Massages also visibly improve your skin as a result of improvement in your other body systems. The nutrient-rich oils and lotions used in your experience also play a part in your skin development.

  • It Helps Relieve Tension

Most people feel sore as a result of lactic acid build up in their muscles. It can make you feel tight, and you could also feel pain. This lactic acid buildup could sometime happen as a result of exercising! Surprising right? It would help if you had a massage to help you fix that. A massage can help you stretch and relieve your muscles.

It can also help you tone your muscles and stimulate the regeneration of your cells. A massage could also help speed along your healing process. All you have to do is mention what kind of relief you need when booking a session. Our experts will gladly pay attention to it and make sure that you feel better after. 

Here at Spa Remedease, we offer a relaxing retreat with a suite of day spa services, including facials, massages, manicures, pedicures, etc. Our team of talented and certified specialists is more than ready to tend to your particular needs. We also have wellness programs that you can participate in while at Hood River. Contact us today!

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