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June 30, 2020
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July 6, 2020

A visit to our spa here in Hood River is a great way to take time and relax. And you certainly deserve this because we have all had quite a year. You could pop in by yourself for some alone time or make it a fun group visit, although social distancing rules will have to apply. If you, however, have something specific you would like to address like back pain, stress levels, we’d be more than glad to help, too.

According to research, lots of the treatments that we use here at Spa Remedease have been shown to help with a huge variety of issues, from pain relief to mental wellbeing. They can improve your sleep, diet, or general health. They can also be tailored to fit you, especially if you go for our Spa Desserts. If you’re in Hood River, you should pay us a visit. The following are four ways that our spa can be of help to you.

  • A Visit to Our Spa Can Help with Back Pain

Massage therapy has been proven countless times to lower back pain, as well as reduce the tension in the shoulder and neck. Just mention to our therapist that you need help with back pain, and it will be tailored to your body treatment.

  • You’ll Also Get Help for Your Mental Health

Stress is bad for your mental health. It can even encroach into your physical wellbeing and make you sick. A visit to our spa can help relieve you of your immediate worries and stress and leave you feeling a lot better. Our experienced therapists will offer you an experience and wellness programs that exceed your expectations.

  • It’s Great for Body Confidence

We already mention our wellness programs. They include a 7-day cleanse, 45-day detox, and an all-natural weight loss regime that will certainly leave you feeling better. You’ll look better too. We also believe in body positivity here and are ready to offer advice on how to take care of yourself and enjoy your body.

  • Good for Headaches

What can you do for headaches other than taking painkillers and lying in a dark room? How about our Alpine Arnica Massage or Energizing massage? You could also go for our stress relief massage, which uses a combination of aromatherapy and Swedish massage to unwind and reboot your body.

Let us pamper you here at Spa Remedease. We’re great at massages and all the other relaxation therapies we’ve mentioned. We’ll promise that a visit to our spa will leave you feeling rejuvenated after your visit. Give us a call today!

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