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July 27, 2020
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Hood River is known for its amazing hiking trails. Most of them lead to some of the most amazing waterfalls you have ever seen. You can check some websites that are based here in Hood River for a comprehensive list of open hikes that you can go on. Before you set out, however, make sure you do not forget to take along the following necessities.

  • Maps, A Compass And GPS

As easy and convenient as it is to use your GPS smartphone, please do not leave behind maps, and a compass as a phone could prove unreliable for many reasons ranging from network to power. A map and compass are great backups on your trip.

  • The Right Footwear

Well-fitting shoes or boots are an important part of your hike. When selecting hiking shoes, think about traction and protection first before beauty. Your hiking shoes should be able to adequately protect your feet and should also be comfortable.

  • Water

You may be headed for a waterfall, but you’ll need water on the way there. Water is an essential part of your hiking trip so please take along enough. The ideal quantity is about half a liter per hour.

  • Safety Items

Safety items like a source of light, fire, and a whistle should go along with you on your hike. They will help light your way and map or start an emergency fire to get you rescued if need be.

  • A First Aid Kit

Take along some supplies that can help with an illness, allergies or injuries if they happen.

  • Sun Protection

No matter what season you choose to do your hike in, sun protection like sunscreen, sunglasses and sun-protective clothing should always go with you on a hike.

  • Shelter

Take along something that can serve as a good cover if you get stranded or are injured like a space blanket.

  • A Trash Bag

A trash bag is your way to contribute towards saving the planet by keeping your trash with you until you can properly dispose of it.

Now that we’ve outlined the things to take on your trip, you can visit either the Wahclella Falls which is a great trail for the hikers of all ages or the Dry Creek Falls. Wahclella Falls is accessible through a 2.0-mile out and back hike, while Dry Creek Falls is an 8.6-mile round-trip hike.

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