Famous Sites to Tour in Hood River

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January 9, 2020
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January 16, 2020

Hood River, Oregon, has a trove of interesting places for tourists and vacationers. The historical landmarks and other wonderful works of nature are a staple source of adventure for tourists around the world. If you’re in search of adventure and beautiful scenery, Hood River is the place to be. Below are a few places you should consider touring on your next visit to Hood River.

Mt. Hood Waterfall and Wine

Mt. Hood is the biggest summit in Oregon and is known worldwide for its wonderful views. It attracts tourists yearly from around the world. You are sure to have an exciting experience at the numerous waterfalls, glaciers, timberline lodge and lots more. During your tour at Mt. Hood, you will be entertained with exceptional wine tasting and an amazing lunch as you learn all about the cultural and natural history of the place. Book your tour today for a life-changing and an adventurous experience at Hood River.

Columbia River Gorge Tour

The 15000-year-old waterfall and river gorge would definitely make your day at Hood River as you tour the beautiful city. Take a day out of the city during your trip to Hood River for a tour at the Columbia river gorge. The beautiful scenery would leave you amazed and excited. You will also have the opportunity to learn all you need to know about the beauty of Oregon through the amazing and knowledgeable tour guides who will lead your tour.

Multnomah Falls

The Multnomah waterfalls are one of the many waterfalls in Hood River. It is also one of the biggest and most beautiful waterfalls in Hood River. The waterfall is as high as 620 feet with trees and rock walls further beautifying the falls. The Benson bridge, a lower viewing area, and the base plaza are perfectly situated around the waterfall to help you get a close view of the waterfall. This site is definitely a must-see for all lovers of nature and does not require hiking to arrive at the location as a result of the convenient location just off the highway.

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