How to Have Fun at Museums in Hood River, Oregon

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January 9, 2020
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Museums visits are one of those visits that can go either of two ways, great fun or complete boredom. As much as Hood River’s museums are treasure troves of interesting information that can give you great insight, there are steps that you have to take to make your museum visit an enjoyable one. To help you enjoy your next museum visit we at Spa Remedease have here some tips on how to make visiting a museum more exciting.

  • Visit When There’s an Event Going On

Many museums located here in Hood River host lots of events and demonstrations, from cultural dance performances, concerts and lectures to festivals, film screenings, gallery talks or something else entertaining and informative. Attending a museum during one of these can go a long way in making the experience come alive, which means it will be more interesting and fun for you.

  • Opt for A Tour

After a while of touring a museum on your own, the many artifacts and textual descriptions can begin to blur. At that point, you will be unable to process anything that you’re viewing. A tour with a knowledgeable guide can solve this problem and help the collections and exhibits make more sense. This is because these people know interesting facts and stories that can help personalize the information and make it more interesting. Hearing about them from another person can also take away the tiredness that comes with having to read the information for yourself.

  • Explore Further

Don’t only visit the museum, look at a few exhibits and leave everything behind. Put it into practice what you have learned and explore further. Allow what you see at the museum to mentally move you and lead you to take action.

  • Turn It into A Game

Instead of just looking around, challenge yourself by having a goal. For example, you can see how much you can learn about a historical figure, or if you can seek out a bizarre historical story. Eye Spy is also a good game to play and you can also try to find certain colors, figures or words. The catch is, that once you’ve spotted something, you must memorize at least one interesting tidbit about it.

  • Take Notes

Visiting a museum is roaming around in a distracted fashion will just not do if you are planning to have fun. When you take notes on what you see, you’ll be forced to pay attention to what you’re seeing thus retaining information and making your museum experience more interesting and worth your time.

  • Schedule A Spa Session for After

After a fun day absorbing information, a great way to relax and unwind is to visit our spas and get any of our facials, massages and/or body treatment. It is sure to be a great end to your already fulfilling day.

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