Hood River’s Outdoor Activities

Hood River Valley Harvest Fest
October 10, 2019
The Farms And Food Processing In Hood River
October 15, 2019

Take out time to explore Hood River with some outdoor activities. You can enjoy the peace and quiet that comes with fishing down the river, take a run in the Gorge and if running is too hectic for you, simply take a brisk walk.

  • FISHING: Hood river flows north from the mountain and you can access it from various points if you want to fish. It is only sensible to fish on foot. You can enjoy a hike to the access points of the river. When autumn rains fall in Oregon, the Winter Steelhead arrives and populates the full rivers, ready to spawn. It’s advisable to go fishing in the afternoon so that the sun can light up your fishing line and the environment around you. Before the day runs out, you can be sure to catch some fish in this river that runs into the Columbia and carries with it so much winter fish.
  • RUNNING: The Gorge is ideal for people that just love taking a run, morning or evening. It’s more appealing for those who love taking in the scenic views while going for their run. The west provides the cool vibes that come with forests while the east provides the warmth of the high desert. Also, the Twin Tunnels are a part of the Columbia River Highway located in the east. The tunnels are closed to traffic so running out and back again is easy. You can be rest assured that rain will not splatter on you if it’s raining because of the shelter provided by the golden maples positioned over the trail. At the peak of the route, you can view the gorgeous Columbia River.
  • WALKING: You can take a walk down the paved path of Hood River Waterfront Trail and enjoy the scenic views outdoors. This path begins east of the Hood River Bridge. It continues west past the quaint marina and goes over the river as an arch which also serves as a pedestrian bridge. Further down this trail is the Hood River Event Site, then the Hood River Waterfront Park itself and finally ends at “The Hook”. You can encounter migrating birds on the river if you walk along the Columbia River which is between the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center and the Riverfront Park.

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