Saturday Free Guided Meditation

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September 14, 2022
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September 28, 2022

Experience the joy of this free and valuable guided meditation and spiritual awakening for peace and health. This event will teach you how to practice meditation and apply it to different life situations, especially difficult ones.

It comes your way next month on October 15th, 2022, so it’s very close, and it’s something you can enjoy even while you’re on your Hood River vacation!

The technique used for this online guided meditation is gentle and easy and known as Sahaja Yoga meditation. It is practiced in over a hundred countries and was founded in 1970 by Mataji Nirmala Devi.

This style of meditation can lead to great positive changes in one’s personal life when practiced for only 10 minutes a day after one week of practice!

It will be a wonderful experience, regardless of the fact it’s online. And you can join the Saturday Free Guided Meditation up to 30 minutes before the event starts if you have some questions or need any assistance. It is a recurring session that caters to beginners and above; you will be placed in the next level after your first few sessions.

At the end of the guided meditation class, you will know the best practices and techniques, learn how to meditate at home, and experience an innate awakening of healing energy that brings peace and balance. And lastly, you will acquire the Sahaja Yoga meditation toolkit resources to help you practice the techniques you have in your everyday life!

The best part of this experience is that it is online, and you can participate from the comfort of your room, and it is entirely free. You can join the Saturday Free Guided Meditation on Facebook for more resources, live events, recorded sessions, self-learning units, mentorship, downloads, and some lighthearted meditations.

So, set up your computer and zoom link if you want to experience a wholesome awakening for a life of quality and balance.

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