Top Foods to Help You De-Stress

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May 21, 2020
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May 29, 2020

We’re a few weeks into lockdown now and, although we’ve all enjoyed spending a bit more time at home with the family, there’s bound to be a few moments where you feel your stress levels building. It’s ok if you’re finding things a little difficult right now, that’s normal (we’re in a global pandemic, after all!). 

The important thing is to recognise moments where we’re feeling a bit stressed, and do something about it. Take a moment to pause when these moments arise. Another key thing that we’d also recommend is making sure that you’re taking care of your body and mind during this lockdown period. Rather than reaching for comfort food like crisps and candy, choose foods that have proven benefits and will naturally help to ease your stress levels. Below are a few of the top foods that we recommended to help you de-stress.  

  • Nuts

These are full of goodness, and nuts are a great source of both Vitamin B and potassium. A handful of nuts makes for a super healthy snack, and they’re also (pistachios in particular) to help reduce our blood pressure. 

  • Salmon 

Salmon is a super nutritious meal, thanks to the fact that it’s full of Omega-3. This vitamin is widely believed to help treat depression and anxiety, while also providing a huge range of health benefits for your body.  

  • Oatmeal 

Oatmeal is a food that can help reduce your stress in both a psychological and a physical way. The psychological benefits that it brings are thanks to the fact that it is lovely and warming, providing a comforting feel that helps your brain relax. It benefits your body because it is a complex carbohydrate, that helps you stay fuller for longer as they digest slowly over time. 

  • Leafy greens and vegetables 

Leafy vegetables, like spinach for example, are super nutrient rich. They are also full of magnesium, which is proven to lower your blood pressure and reduce your stress levels, too. So make a special effort to include a side salad of spinach, or a good helping of green leafy vegetables to your mealtimes, to help keep you and the family feeling healthy and positive. 

We’re a luxury spa based in Hood River in Oregon but, while we’re still not able to help our customers unwind with one of our luxurious, soothing treatments, for now, we wanted to provide you with a list of the best foods to help you stay calm, healthy and happy during the rest of lockdown. 

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